I really can’t imagine how life would have been without technology. Smart phones, emails, fast cars, electronic trains, aeroplanes, satellite imaging, GIS and GPRS. Just too many to mention. It has made the world become smaller and smaller (more like a backyard). Imagine talking to someone in China without having to go to China, you have more than five ways of doing that. That’s just the extent we have reached and we are even advancing the more.
But it seems our technological growths are turning around to hunt us. A perfect example is the smartphone which almost 50% of the world’s population use. That piece of technology is starting to take away the normal lives that we live. Do you know that there are a lot of dangerous effects that result from our constant unchecked use of this device?
A. Sleeplessness: I, personally, have come to realize that I could stay up all night surfing the web, playing games or just moving from one social media app to the other. My addiction to remain connected and reachable around the clock keeps me awake even at nights. This is the same for some of us, young people.
B. Eye vision problems: This effect is basically long term. Let me make you understand, the characters and pictures on your phones are smaller than they are in real life which means that for you to see them, you have to sometimes squint. You do not know how this affects your eyes till may be 40 years from now.
C. Accident: There are more than a thousand cases of accidents caused by the use of smartphones while driving or walking on the streets. Some of us have gone to the extent of texting and answering calls while driving. The worst of it all is blocking our ears from the environment around us with headphones or earphones. How do you expect to hear incoming cars and motorcycles? It’s just not possible.
D. Distraction: Have you ever been so dead serious doing something and all of a sudden, your phone rings. You just feel disoriented for some time and before you can get back to order, a little bit of time has passed. This is also found in higher institutions of learning. People go to class to learn and all they do is take Selfies, chat with their friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media groups.
E. Our social connections are currently being replaced by virtual ones. People get married on Social Media. Some go to parties or social gatherings and all they can do is keep their eyes glued to their smart device. They forget that they are around people. Some people could stay home for days with their smartphones but easily get irritated for only few minutes at social gatherings.
It is important to note that we are not addicted to the smartphone itself but rather to the information, entertainment and connection it provides.
Real things are real, virtual things are virtual. Keep that in mind.
Try to get yourself off this addiction.
Remember, too much cook spoils the broth.

Written by Chikeluba Uche

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