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What every church music ministers must Know

Church music ministry offers people with musical talent and interest in religion an interesting and fulfilling occupation.  In today’s world, sacred music encompasses far more than pipe organ and choirs, with musical styles ranging from Bach to Rock.

#Consider just what abilities and interests you have.  Are you a keyboard player?  Can you play the guitar?  Can you sing…and teach others how to sing?  Today’s church musician just might be called upon to do all those things and more.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 1.
#Get training.  Church musicians need to know music ranging from Gregorian Chant to Gospel, depending on the denomination.  Some colleges and universities offer courses. Training is also available through private music lessons often held in private homes and music shops.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 2.
#Get experience.  Most successful music ministers got their start as choir members.  Try to find a group led by a master; observe and imitate. Also, try to get a position covering other musicians for vacations in order to gain experience.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 3.
#If you play the keyboard, take some organ lessons.  To lead a congregation you’ll need to play the pedals, and that takes at least some instruction – and loads of practice.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 4.
#Get a police check.  Nowadays churches are extremely sensitive to the threat of sexual predation by clergy and church workers.  You’ll likely need a police check for every locale you’ve lived in, dated within 3-4 months of your applications. Most Catholic dioceses will perform their own criminal record check prior to hiring.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 5.
#Determine your goals.  Are you intending this to be your career or just a sideline or hobby?  Full-time or part-time?  Get to know the going salaries of church musicians who have positions similar to what you desire.  The National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NAPM), the Organists Guild and other organizations have published guidelines for music ministers’ salaries and working conditions.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 6.
#Look for a church position whose needs match your abilities and interests.  If your background is Baptist, chances are you’ll be (and feel) out of place in a Catholic cathedral.

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 7.
#Be prepared to audition and show the search committee what you can do, specifically by playing the organ or piano, and by leading a choir .

Become a Church Music Minister

Step 8.
#If you land a job, rejoice.  Music ministry gives unequaled opportunities to use your talent, satisfying and enriching both you and hopefully all those who hear and participate in your music.

Become a Church Music Minister Step

step 9.

you must keep the closest relationship with God…. keep yourself inline with fasting and prayers. Luke 18:1

and He spoke a parable to them to this end men ought always to  pray and not to faint……..



by psalmeben..



Leadership … it can be a hard place to be. It’s not necessarily going to always be a popular place and you’re frequently called to balance the good of the many and the ministry against the good of the few, while not forgetting that you’re working with individual people who have feelings, issues, goals and sometimes even agendas. If God has put you in a position of leadership within your group, there are a couple of things to remember up front.
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Romans 12:8 “…if it is leadership, let him govern diligently.”

1 Cor 14:40 “But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way”.

Someone who leads in a humble, but righteous manner for the Lord is the opposite end of the spectrum from a dictator who rules with an iron fist simply because he/she can. My grandma always used to say “too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the stew.” I understand that now, as a leader, like I never did as a child. In ministry, there will always be people that have inspired ideas and the key is learning how to organize them so they feel comfortable working with you towards the common goal of glorifying Christ, rather than having a hodge-podge of stuff being either thrown around at random or everybody doing there own thing.

There are many positions of leadership in Christian Music Ministry. Some examples are:volunteer-weekend-ministries-05.jpg

    • Choir Director
    • Worship Team Leader
    • Youth Praise Band Leader
    • Childrens Choir Director
    • Band Leader for Independent Group


Regardless of which position you hold, you must make sure that the other members of your team are on the “same sheet of music” that you and the ministry are on. Remember that you were all called to share God’s glory through music. Romans 12:3 – 8 is a good Scripture to follow. Many parts … one body. Just like the human body would not be able to sustain life if the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and brain all decided to do “their own thing,” a ministry can not survive if the members are all doing their own thing. Think about how a military unit is organized. If every soldier in a company decided to do their own thing because they thought their ideas were better than that of their commanding officers, people could get killed in times of conflict. Conflict within the body of Christ can lead to something worse than death … it can lead to spiritual death, so the responsibility to work together is even greater.

As a leader, you will be led by God to do things in a certain order. God is not a God of chaos and confusion. While you should certainly be open to suggestions given in a reasonable manner and at a time before or after practice, you can’t allow practice to be disrupted by other people wanting to “run the show.” Bottom line … it doesn’t glorify God in the least bit for members of the body to be attacking each other and being little whirlwinds of unproductive activity.

Yes, leadership can be an unpopular spot at times, but the rewards are tremendous. It is a mighty gift from God. You have been given the opportunity to make music that will encourage, exhort and edify the body of Christ. Make the most of it, honoring Christ with all that you do, and one day, you will hear “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

GOSPEL NEW UPDATE:Daywind Music Group Honored with 20 GMA Dove Award Nominations

Daywind Music Group Honored with 20 GMA Dove Award Nominations

HENDERSONVILLE, TN – August 26, 2014 Daywind Music Group’s artists, songwriters, and producers received 20 nominations for the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards to be held on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at Allen Arena on the campus of David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. The Dove Awards will be aired globally on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Honored with four nominations was Daywind recording artist Karen Peck and New River for Song of the Year, Southern Gospel Performance, and Southern Gospel Song of the Year for their single “Revival” and for Southern Gospel Album of the Year for their album Revival. The song was co-written by Karen Peck, Kenna West, and Don Poythress.

Brian Free and Assurance received four Dove nominations for Song of the Year, Southern Gospel Performance, and Southern Gospel Song of the Year for “Say Amen,” and Southern Gospel Album of the Year for Unashamed. The song was co-written by Daywind staff writers Kenna West and Jason Cox along with Michael Farren. The album was produced by Producer of the Year nominee Ricky Free.

Adam Crabb and Wilburn and Wilburn each garnered two nominations. Adam Crabb received nominations for Country Album of the Year for Surrender produced by Adam and Jason Crabb and for Countrydawind logo2
Song of the Year for “That Whosoever was Me” written by Jason Cox, Kenna West, and Lee Black. Wilburn and Wilburn received nominations for Country Album of the Year for Here Comes Sunday and for Bluegrass Song of the Year for “If These Old Walls Could Talk” written by Dianne Wilkinson and Jerry Salley.

Daywind’s Choral Division posted two nominations in the Musical of the Year category for “Good News from Jerusalem” created by Dianne Wilkinson and “Highest Glory” created by Marty Funderburk.

Greater Vision got a nod for Southern Gospel Album of the Year for its Daywind recording For All He’s Done, an album featuring three #1 songs. Greater Vision received two other nominations for their work on the Cathedrals Family Reunion project.

Past Dove winner, Chigger Hill Boys and Terri was nominated for Bluegrass Song of the Year for their hit bluegrass gospel single “Revelation Song.”

First time nominees the Browders were honored for their song “Lift Up His Name” written by Matthew Browder from the album Time Machine, while Red Roots picked up a Country Album of the Year nomination for their album Triplicity produced by Rick and Micah Schweinsberg.

Daywind’s Vital Worship division was nominated in the Special Event category for their groundbreaking recording Songs for the Living King.

Daywind president Ed Leonard said, “We are blessed that so many of top artists, songwriters and producers call Daywind home. We will continue serving Christ by producing top quality music.”

Daywind Music Group is home Daywind Records, Daywind Soundtracks, Daywind Music Publishing, Daywind Studios, Red Hen Records, and Thoroughbred Records. Daywind Records represents great artists like Brian Free and Assurance, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, the Hoskins Family, the Blackwood Brothers, Wilburn and Wilburn, the Browders, Adam Crabb, the Bowling Family, Karen Peck and New River, Amber Thompson, Joseph Habedank, the Nelons, and Watts, Rowsey, & Bean. Red Hen Records is home to Red Roots, Zach & Rodney, Michael Lee, and Ryan Watkins. Thoroughbred Records is home to the Chigger Hill Boys & Terri. Daywind recordings are distributed to Christian retail by New Day Christian Distributors (www.newdaychristian.com) and to the general market by Select O Hits.

Daywind Music Publishing is home to great songwriters Ronny Hinson, Dianne Wilkinson, Marty Funderburk, Sue Smith, Kenna West, Jason Cox, Kyla Rowland, Belinda Smith, Ricky Free, Scott Inman, John Darin Rowsey, Lee Black, Ben Storie, Gina Vera, David Browder, Matthew Browder, Sonya Browder, Tommy Browder, Aaron Crabb, Adam Crabb, Amanda Crabb, Karen Peck Gooch, Mike Richards, Natalie, Nika, and Nicole Taylor (Red Roots), Gina Boe, Caleb Collins, Janice Crow, Marcia Henry, Rick Schweinsberg, Micah Schweinsberg and CCM writers Sam Tinnesz, Aaron Rice, Michael Fordinal, Justin Kintzel, and Hearts of Saints.

For more information on Daywind Records, visit www.daywindrecords.com

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