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Daily Manna August 11th, 2015 By Pastor W.F Kumuyi..

TOPIC: The Retribution

Tuesday, August 10, 2015
TEXT: EZRA 10:12-17
KEY VERSE: “Then all the congregation answered and said with a loud voice, As thou hast said, so must we do” (Ezra 10:12).
When Ezra called the assembly of the people who returned from exile to address their common sin, many of them, who married foreign wives, agreed to divorce their wives. They knew that they had sinned; so, they had no option than to obey Ezra’s order. They did not, however, want to do this in a hurry because of its sensitive and complex nature. For the people, there should be proper arrangement before they could send their foreign wives away. So, majority of the people, except a few, suggested that their leaders should judge each man with a foreign wife, at least, to give them a fair hearing, before the man could send her away.
As suggested, Ezra chose the heads of the families who knew the people well enough, to judge them. They finished this task after three months. The affected men had to separate themselves completely from their foreign wives. This factor teaches that the result of sin has never been pleasant.
Unfortunately, today, some people still allow themselves to be deceived by Satan. They engage in immoral acts without thinking of their consequences. Even after God has forgiven, some people can still be suffering with the results of their sin. Some have contracted HIV/AIDS, while others, mostly girls, have dropped out of school because of unwanted pregnancies and are now living as single parents without any means of taking care of their children. They have ended up bringing vagabond children into the society.
God, who knows the consequence of sin, still warns everybody to abstain from all appearance of evil. And except there is a complete turn away from sin, disaster looms in time and eternity for the careless and impenitent.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Sin always wounds and damns the sinner.


Open Heavens Today by Pastor E.A Adeboye…. Spirit Not Flesh

Memorise: Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? Hebrew 12:9; Read: Isaiah 40:6-8, Bible in one year: Genesis 8-10, John 11:45-12:8
Mann is limited because he is confined to a body made from dust (Genesis 3:19). He is also limited because even at his best, he is comparable to the flowers of the field (Isaiah 40:6-8), which grow, glow, fade and die. Sometimes, because they are glowing so beautifully, they are cut and used either for play or for decoration, after which they die. Unlike man, God is not limited, because He is Spirit and He is not made of dust. Jesus in John 4:24 revealed the nature of God to us when He said:
“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”
Not only is God a spirit, He is the Father of spirits (Hebrews 12:9). All spirits derive their powers from Him. If you can appreciate how powerful angels are, then you can begin to comprehend this God who created and empowered billions of angels and has the power to command them to cease to exist in a moment. Imagine that one angel alone, razed down the entire army of a mighty nation in just one night (2nd Kings 19:35). This should give you a little insight into how great and mighty the Father of spirit is.
To break away from our limitations as humans, we must move towards becoming more of spirit by becoming more like God. Man is a tripartite being made up of spirit, soul and body. All three components must be developed in that order. Your spirit must be given the greatest priority in development, followed by your soul. Your body should not be developed to the detriment of your spirit and soul. If you are not born-again, your spirit is dead, and the soul is heading for Hell. In the unsaved state, the flesh is in charge of an individual’s life. The flesh is a servant of sin and therefore, a slave to Satan. Wherever the flesh rules, Satan is in control. If your body is what dictates to you when you pray, how you pray, how often you eat, what to do with your passions and how you relate with God, you can be sure that it will never draw you closer to God. It will do everything possible to separate you from God and keep your spirit-man dead or weak. The longer you live in the flesh by gratifying it lusts, the weaker you become in the spirit. But if you can be born-again and develop your spirit-man by feasting regularly on God’s word, praying in the Holy Spirit, walking in obedience to God and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, your limitations will give way to your empowered form. Decide to grow your spirit-man in all you do from today!
Action Point
Whenever you worship God, always engage your spirit-man.


The De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Gospel Choir makes it to BBC’s Songs of Praise final

The DMU troupe are one of just six gospel choirs taking part in the showpiece event, with the filming for the final competition taking place at London’s Hackney Empire theatre.

Sister Ellah Kandi, part of the 34-strong choir that went to London for the pre-recorded finals, said: “A few months ago we entered the competition and we had to send two recordings of ourselves singing.

“Many, many choirs entered, but they only chose six for the finals.

“Then they came to our rehearsals at DMU and requested we sing the songs we’d sent. Then they gave us tips on how we could develop our choir. They were impressed with what they saw.”

Ellah sees this as a remarkable accolade for the DMU Gospel Choir.

“It’s definitely an achievement,” Ellah said.

“The amount of choirs that go through the first stage, it’s just unbelievable.

“We were absolutely blown away; to know we’re in the top six choirs in the country, that is awesome.”

The good news of making it to the Songs of Praise finals follows hot on the heels of DMU’s graduation week, during which the DMU Gospel Choir produced breath-taking performances throughout the week.

Ellah added: “This year the graduations were extra special. I personally really enjoyed them, we all enjoyed every minute.

“We had students and parents thanking us for making it so special for them, and that just made us want to do it better and better each time. It was definitely a hallelujah moment.”

You can see how the DMU Gospel Choir got on in the Songs of Praise finals on BBC next month. The competition will be televised in two parts on Sunday 23 and Sunday 30 August.


Fresh Grace Every Day

“I am concerned about the big business deal that I have to close tomorrow.” “I am worried about tomorrow’s job interview.” “My medical test results will be out tomorrow. I am afraid it won’t be good.”

God does not want you to worry about tomorrow. He wants you to know that He gives you all the help you need for today, and when tomorrow comes, so will fresh help from Him.

This is God’s principle even in the Old Testament. When the children of Israel were in the desert, God gave them fresh manna from heaven every morning. (Exodus 16:13–16, 31) They did not have to worry about tomorrow because when tomorrow came, there was fresh manna again. He was their provision every day.

Today, God’s manna is the grace He gives you every day. If you are worried about a situation tomorrow, know that there will be sufficient grace for that situation when it comes. God wants you to simply rest in His ability to heal, deliver, protect and provide for you every day.

In the Old Testament, when the armies of Moab and Ammon came against King Jehoshaphat, God told the anxious king, “Do not be afraid nor dismayed…for the battle is not yours, but God’s…You will not need to fight in this battle…stand still and see the salvation of the Lord…” (2 Chronicles 20:15–17)

When the next morning came, King Jehoshaphat saw how God caused such confusion to come upon his enemies’ camp that it brought about their own slaughter. Amid all that fighting in the enemy camp, God’s people merely stood still and saw Him fight the battle for them just as He had promised.

My friend, when you see a problem looming in your tomorrow, don’t be afraid or dismayed. Look to the Lord, and see His grace and salvation deliver you.

God wants you to live a stress-free life, not one filled with worries about tomorrow’s problems. When tomorrow comes, His grace will be there for you as your help, protection, favor and enabling!

Thought For The Day

God gives you all the help you need for today. When tomorrow comes, so will fresh help from Him.

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