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News: God Turned It!! Nathaniel Bassey Testifies Of Averted Plane Crash

Worship leader Nathaniel Bassey testifies of God’s mighty deliverance and the impact that follows while travelling between Charlotte to Washington in the United States and the plane he travelled in was gutted by fire. Not only did ‘God turned it’ but He also turned the hearts of many as a result.

He said;

“Between Sunday and Monday, I’ve flown for about 5 hours in and out of different cities in the US. Yesterday’s was to be the last lap before returning to base on this trip. So we were flying from Charlotte to Washington Dc. Pilot already said it was cloudy and would rain at some point.
going through the thickly dark clouds was stressful enough. And just about 15mins to land, he gets on the mic to say, “ladies and gentlemen, something just popped up in front, (plane was giving warning signs of a mechanical fault)and we have to divert immediately. That’s all I can say for now. We land in 20 mins. Cabin crew prepare for landing.”

And as soon as he got off the mic you could feel someone literally flying hurriedly to beat something. Then He began this Hollywood maneuvering. Now after you hear such, you know it has to be GOD from then on.

Prior to this time, I felt a leading to listen to Tye Tribbet’s HE’S TURNED IT. Normally I would listen to something softer while reading at the same time. So when the announcement came. I figured GOD had already turned it around for our good.

So as this rush to land continued, folks became apprehensive. With my ear phones on I just declared THANK YOU JESUS… THANK YOU JESUS…..etc
To spare you the details, we landed safely and met these fire trucks waiting for us. It was then we realised it was a big deal. Praise God, HE TURNED IT.

RCCG To Open Its 12 Million Capacity Arena in August

The much talked about Redeemed Church’s three kilometre-by-three kilometre Arena, still under construction, located on Simawa Road, some distance from the outgoing one and half kilometre by one kilometre arena, will be in use for its 63rd annual convention slated to hold between 3 and 9 August. The Redeemed Christian Church of God confirmed the auditorium is expected to host 12 million persons.

Head of Media and Public Relations, RCCG, Pastor Segun Adegbiji, was reported by therainbowonline.net as telling journalists at the Redemption Camp that the new arena would host plenary sessions of a few evenings of the week long programme on an experimental basis. He was supported during the briefing by several other ministers of the mission.

According to Pastor Adegbiji adequate arrangements have been put in place to host participants from the 24 regions of the church spread across 188 countries of the world.

He quoted the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, as warning unserious persons to stay away from this year’s convention, which has a theme The All Sufficient God.

Redeemed Church new auditorium

The church, according to the report, also passed a strong message on the vexed question of same sex marriage, which was recently endorsed by the American Supreme Court.

For the church, there can be no compromise: it is one man, one wife; any other arrangement is out of the table.“We don’t support it. There is no where in the Bible where God said people of the same sex can get married. The stand of the church is very clear and it states; one man, one wife,” pastor Adegbiji said.

Similarly, the church clarified its position about Christians in politics, noting that it does not bar individual members of the church from participating in politics but “we are not accountable for their performance.

“We pray for those in power as the Bible has enjoined us to do. That is our stand but we believe that by the end of this year, Nigerians will have cause to say that all is well.”

Good bye Ooni of Ife.







A news update got to us last night of the death of our Royal Father Ooni of Ife… one of the Yoruba Land first class OBA in Nigeria.

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