The Abia state born, young, beautiful and creative female Afro pop/R&B singer and song writer “REALJOY”who has gotten several award nominations including the last BEST OF AFRICAN GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS (Bagma Awards) held in Atlanta Georgia USA on her hit song TRUE LOVE. She premieres a new single “SHINE” being her third single.

She is the third child of Rev Sam Eke and has 5 siblings. Her love for songs has brought out the creative ability in her and also,she is a round owner and designer of RealJoy beads and accessories.


SHINE Lyrics


Shining above
all the works of darkness
I arise and shine
I reign in victory I know
I arise and shine
the set time has come
for the placement of the sons of God yes i know
it’s my time it’s your time,
Arise and shine

Verse 1

Be it as it may
see it how you can
the rainy days are over
the dark times are gone
the light of change has come
you and I be the light
He says if only you believe it
take off your fears and worries
take charge of your world
it’s my time it’s your time
Arise and shine!

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

it doesn’t matter where you are
the problems that you face
stick to His word
and you will testify
look around
you are a light
that cant be heed
the earth awaits the manifestation of the sons
you’ve got to shine your light
so bright for all to see
it’s my time it’s your time
Arise and shine

Repeat chorus