“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”- Proverbs 3:6

One of those things that will save any man from stress, waste and failure is to acknowledge the Lord in all His doings and ways. Doing this will give such man direction and guidance in all His paths.
Acknowledging the Lord is first recognizing that the Lord has a way for you and choosing to follow that way.
The Lords way is the best to choose and follow in life, if one will have Gods best in life. The Lords way is the surest way to have a long lasting and everlasting success in life. When you follow the Lords way, lights shines in all your way till Gods perfect end for you is achieved.
The ways of the Lord are not physical, so can’t be gotten with the physical senses, mind and sense knowledge. His ways are communicated to us by the Holy Ghost and His words, and can only be gotten by His revelational knowledge communicated into our spirit and we become so convicted of that way, that it is the surest way from God to us. Such revelational knowledge might not make sense to the physical world system, but it will be in alignment with the written word of God.
Choose the way of the Lord, that’s the best way for you in all you will become according to Gods plan and purpose for you. Like Jesus Christ said, that he can’t do anything of Himself, but He can only do what the father- God, has for Him to do. Such should be our determination in all our ways.

DECLARATION: I choose the way of the Lord, so I become Gods best for me.

¬©Oluwaleke Ifeoluwa ‘GodsIdea’
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