My Bible Today – July 7th

Batter Days Ahead

The Plan of God for every believer is one
detailed with ever increasing growth in terms
of progress and achievements.
No matter what you and I might have accomplished
till date, there is always more to be done.
Do not settle for good at the detriment of the
best! Chart a new course, map out a new master
plan to further enhance the livelihood of humanity
in general; from the starving children in Africa to
the displaced women in difference parts of the
Middle-East, if only you and I would show concern,
humanity could have better days ahead!
Arise and depart!!

Bible References: Micah 2:10

Written by: Dolapo O. Samuel @olasamofficial

My Bible Today – July 6th

Called to A Perspective of Service

Absolute agreement with the will of the Father by commitment
to following His orders, of no doubt would bring a man
under a “preference” zone under Jehovah’s watch.
Service starts and ends with obedience, without which all
efforts are a pure waste of time. I admonish you to Serve
Him with your time, energy, resources and strength in
total obedience and see how He would respond with a
multiplication of the same.
He always keeps to His side of the covenant!

Bible References: Exodus 23:25

Written by: Dolapo O. Samuel @olasamofficial

My Bible Today – July 4th

The Holy Spirit was introduced into the earth for
the advantage of we believers because God saw the
need for His presence! His mission among others
is to ensure that the believer lives a life well
pleasing to the Father, by his exposure to the
reality of what God’s plans are and the availabilty
of His enabling grace for delivery!
Therefore, I charge you in the grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ to embrace the person of the Holy Spirit
that you may start experiencing the hidden riches of
God’s glory reserved for you!

Bible References: Luke 11:13, Acts 1:8, John 14:26

Written by: Dolapo O. Samuel @olasamofficial