Fadabeekay drops a new single and titles this soul lifting song INA
Ajibade Ibukun Adebayo, musically known as FADABEEKAY hails from Osun State. Although born in Ilesa, he has lived most of his life in Ogun and Lagos states.
He is a talented vocalist, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, music director, music arranger, energetic praise and worship leader. Currently, he is the National Youth Music Director of Christ Image Assembly International which has centres in more than 30 cities, its international headquarter in Lagos.
He started making music officially on campus, Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago Iwoye. He served as Music Director of the music department, TRYBE for three (3) years of Christ Image Assembly Campus Fellowship, OOU. He holds a B.Sc in Economics from the prestigious (Olabisi Onabanjo University), Ogun state and currently serving in FCT ABUJA .
He is a lover of good music. He has ministered and shared numerous stages with great music ministers such as Min. Emeka Madubata, Folabi Nuel, Mr. Ibk Olayinka and many more… His role models are Travis Green and Folabi Nuel.

Oh oh oh 4x
I have searched all over
Their is no God like you
I look left I look right
Kosobabire 2x
Alagbada ina
Alawotele orun
Ogbenu wundiaa sola
Ogbenu adelebo shogo 2x
I have searched all over
Their is no God like you
I look left I look right
Kosobabire 2x
Alawotele orun
Ogbenii wundiaa Sola ohh
Ogbenu adelebo shogo
Alagbada ina na na na
He no dey fail ohh
He no dey tire
Anytime I call you answer me
gbongbo idile jese.
You know dey tire
Rara kojooo ohhh 2x
Everybody scream….
So we bow before your throne
So we lift our voice to sing
Kosobabire 2x
Back to chorus
Kara ole babami
Obemoo nise jese domo
Ina loju ina lenu
Ajawowo onidaa Araa
No one like you God 2x
You know dey fail
You know dey tire
Alagbada ina
Onibata isegun
Alago iyanu
You no dey fail